Royal Rumble 2018 Live Stream Full Match Card

The Royal Rumble 2018  is shaping up to be an interesting show and the WWE are ready to put on a memorable event as they have high expectations to fulfill. The stakes cannot get higher as the WWE Universe is eagerly waiting to find the outcome of each and every match on the card.

So far the Royal Rumble match card looks interesting and the focus will be heavily on the 30 men Royal Rumble match and the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. The following matches are scheduled to take place in the event so far :]

i) The Uso’s vs Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin – Smackdown Tag team championships

ii) Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan vs The Bar – Raw Tag Team Championships

iii) US Championship Tournament Finals

iv) Enzo Amore vs Cedric Alexander – Cruiserweight Championship

v) AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn – Handicap match for the WWE Championship

vi) Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman vs Kane – Triple Threat match for the Universal title

vii) The Women’s Royal Rumble match

viii) The Men’s Royal Rumble match

Now let us look into the predictions for each and every match on the card.

It will not be an overstatement if one says that the Uso’s are the sole reason for the success of the Smackdown live tag team division. They have succeeded in doing what the previous champions failed to do, and that is to get the fans interested in the program. The Samoan twins have come a long way to be in the place that they are in today and they deserve each and every minute.

Gable & Benjamin, on the other hand, are finding it very hard to establish themselves as a team as they are yet to obtain any success since they were put together by Daniel Bryan. It’s very hard to see them as a legitimate threat to the titles as the team has been stale from the day they were put together.

The teams have seemingly switched roles as it is clear that Gable & Benjamin are playing the roles of the heels in this feud and it would be interesting to see where this will take them in the future.

As far as this match is concerned, there is little or no sense in having the Uso’s lose the titles as the feud has just started and it is fair enough to have some more drama before Gable & Benjamin win the titles.

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